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Terms and Conditions

  1. You are free to download and use these files for personal, non-commercial use only.  If you publish photos of your printed copy or your game nights, I hope you’ll be kind enough link to my page. I made this game before any other HP board game existed on the market (except versions of Cluedo and Monopoly). Now that there are official games available, I am just sharing this with you as a supplement to the already existing ingredients in the wonderful stew of Harry Potter fandom. It’s not professionally made, so expect to tackle a few kinks here and there.
  2. By downloading this game you agree to treat others with respect, kindness and compassion, not only during the game but in general. Putting other people down to feel better about yourself is wrong. Calling people names, making fun of their looks, traits, interests, beliefs, etc. might seem like harmless fun to you in the moment, but will quickly become tedious and hurtful to whomever is on the receiving end. If you do this, you are bullying people, just like Draco Malfoy. So please consider who you want to be, because you are the head of your own actions, you decide who you want to be, and you alone are responsible for the choices you make.
  3. I hope you take a wise note from Harry, to be kind, respectful and compassionate, even when it’s hard. Because heroes do not have superpowers, wear capes or outshine everyone at every class. To be a hero does not mean to be infallible. The Harry Potter books state it clearly: Doing the right thing even when it’s hard, even if it’s scary, even if it hurts, that makes a real hero. No matter your name, your grades, your looks, your address, your wealth or your history: you can be a hero.

You choose your actions, you choose your integrity.

Choose wisely.

MischiefAtHogwarts -Rules updated March 16!

If you decide to try my game I hope you’ll leave a comment, it will brighten my day. (No registration or email required)

Read about the game here.

Quick guide on how to cut and heat laminate playing cards.

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This is amazing. You should post this in r\boardgames as well. They will go nuts about this.

Guess I have some printing to do…

I can not wait to start making this game! I’m going to have so much fun! My husband (a non-HP fan) is not your biggest fan… 🙂

I can tell that you put a lot of work and heart into this – thank you for sharing it with us. Keep up the great work, can’t wait for part 3!

Best terms and conditions I have ever read. But having said that board game players are normally nice people anyway, or is that just the board game people I hang out with?

Thank you so much! Board game players are generally nice! 🙂 I’m sorry if you felt this was directed at the board game community, it was just a general reminder for people to be mindful of their own actions 🙂 Sometimes good people do bad things, and bad people sometimes do good things. I had this small opportunity to influence kids and adults to both stand up to bullying and to realize it if this might be something they do themselves. Surprisingly, a lot of bullies don’t know they are actually bullying others. They see it as “just a joke” even though they use the same “joke” over and over and over again. The joke in question is of course at the other person’s expense. Most importantly I wanted kids and adults to realize the power they have as a bystander: If they don’t say or do anything, they are condoning it, they are making their own choice in letting it happen. When they do they are jointly responsible for the pain and suffering caused by the bully.

Thank you for sharing! Can’t wait to show my 7.5 year old son, just finished Sorcerer’s Stone.

Thank you for being such a genuine and kind person. I want to be a loving person more than anything and seeing people like you behave like you are makes me feel less bashful about it.

Update!: There was a mistake on the board where two of the rooms “the Great Hall” (Storsalen) and “the Courtyard” (Gårdsplassen) were captioned in Norwegian. This has now been fixed.

For any who might wonder about the word notes and idea cards:
The word notes are used in some of the challenges that you get from the chance cards (you either need to explain the word without using it or any of the words written in grey, or you have to mime the word). The idea cards are for the library challenge. You read a passage from a book in the way described on one of the cards, these are just ideas so you can make up your own twists if you want.

When I saw this game I knew it would be a great present!

Thank you so much! She will be thrilled!!!

A friend of yours linked this game on Reddit and I’m so excited to give it a go while we are isolating and waiting out the coronavirus! Thank you for generously sharing your hard work.

Me and my siblings were trapped in our house because of the covid-19 pandemic. We were starting to get tired of solo and multiplayer video games.

Board games has been a life saver. I hope your game brings us more joy.

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