You will need:

  1. Polish the outside lightly with sandpaper, this makes the paint stick to the can.
  2. Paint them with acrylic paint in any color (I used charcoal grey). Tip: Dab paint on with a sponge to create a textured surface.
  3. Take a piece of paper that’s long enough to cover the circumference of the can. Decorate your paper by drawing or stamping a pattern you like, or use a patterned paper if you prefer.
  4. Give the paper a torn edge: gently tear off a strip on each of the long sides of the paper and ink the edges using ink and a sponge. Glue the paper to the can with double-sided tape ( a strip on the inside of each end of the paper will do). Embellish with ribbons, lace, pearls etc.
  5. Fill your candle-holders about 3/4 full with sand, stones or coffee beans before putting your tea-light on top.

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