This is Mischief at Hogwarts,

a different kind of board game based on the Harry Potter universe. I’ve spent years developing and refining it, and having a lot of fun together with my friends. Now I’m giving it away for free in the hopes that you will enjoy it as much as I have.

How it all began


It all started when I re-watched some wonderful scenes from the films and got inspired.

They share this incredible, magical moment of social bonding through new and somewhat ridiculous experiences, and I fell in love with it.

I wanted to create this sort of setting for me and my friends, who all love Harry Potter, and I also wanted to draw the magic out of the books and into reality, but… how?

In the Harry Potter universe, magic is the creator of new experiences, though magic is impossible to recreate in real life.

Perhaps I could recreate some of the magical atmosphere?: Doing funny, new, unusual, weird and embarrassing things that makes you laugh together, such as writing with your feet or picking up pencils with blown up gloves (jellyfingers-curse). It occurred to me that a board game would be perfect for everyday magic, and so “Mischief at Hogwarts” was born.

I quickly decided to make the Marauder’s Map the board piece and Harry’s school trunk the box. It felt like the obvious choice since the game was centered on Hogwarts.

Having the box being Harry’s trunk I wanted the rest of the components to look like his own belongings, like his school books and such, to reflect the idea of unpacking your luggage for a new year at Hogwarts.

Well, enough of me rambling…

Quick recap:


This is a party game with a focus on adventures, laughter, and inclusion. I know too well the feeling of always being picked last for the team, so it was very important for me to conjure up a force field against that when I designed the rules. By the way, if you don’t find yourself doing something slightly embarrassing during the game, you are doing it wrong (or you just have a wholesome level of self-confidence, in which case: kudos to you!)

Recommended for:


4-6 people (3 not tested. 6+ works with a tweak)

Harry Potter fans (you do not need to be an expert)


Age: 10+

Available in following languages: English. Norsk.

Make the magic happen:

I’ve done most of the work here, but there will still be some work left for you to do if you decide to make it for yourself. Though most of it is just printing, you will have to make and/or buy a few things. This could be a fun activity if you invite your friends or neighbours over to help. You can find more information on how to make your own game here. Good luck and have fun!

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Pin the tail 3D-style

As part of a duel you might be challenged to
place her tail in the right spot while blindfolded.
This is "Pin the tail" in 3D.

Mrs. Norris
House points

The rubies and emeralds are safely stored in a mokeskin pouch, while the players work on earning them for their respective houses.

Game pieces
Mokeskin pouch
The mokeskin pouch

A lot of the materials used in the game are recycled.
The trunk is made of old posters, the quill from a broken ball-pen. I've used cardboard from flattened pizza-boxes, chopsticks, pieces of fabric etc. that I rescued from the trash.

Reuse, Upcycle
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Behind the scenes

Making the trunk

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Photographer: Balder Morsund

Photographer slider: Balder Morsund, me.

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